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Alarm Clock by Tarry91: Awesome & robust —incorporates multi-Alarm Clock + Countdown timer (which gets translated into actual time —novel idea !) Professional, freeware & feature-laden yet tiny size, this is a must have replacement for Alarms and Clock Windowz 10 app.
Choose Your Theme The Microsoft Solitaire Collection features several beautiful themes, from the simplicity of "Classic" to the serenity of an Aquarium that comes to life before you while you play. You can even create custom themes from your own photos! Xbox Live Integration Sign in with your Microsoft account to earn ...
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Sound fix for crashing Chess Online by Alienforce !!)
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How to fix flickering + blackscreen: follow instructions, then install CnCNet Lobby, then search for nasoul DDraw & copy |rename to ddraw.dll for the superior DDraw wrapper from CnCNet ! &
Cheat Tables for the game: &
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge: Free large collection of maps
For the movies:[Win10_Fixed]_-_V2
Tetravex Online ! (error) & XP 32 bit How-to
For Tic-Tac-Drop WEP (Alt+Tab DDraw) (Put the dll in your game folder.) (MK videos)'s+Revenge+%5bWin10+Fixed%5d+-+V2.html
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The Settlers Online: [browser-based RTS] Unparalleled graphics & attention to detail ! Powerful & good replay value (get you hooked.)!

> War Stories:
/-/-/-/-/-/ -[ The Revenge of The Technobots ]- /-/-/-/-/-/

Command and Conquer Showdown

acrid.There's a problem in the algorithm.She was running the code typing it out from the source code book, using the define, void, string,printf tags The war was blazing underway,the Imperial Empire set foot /wo it's stronghold on the Comanche base which took place on the barren plains of Eternia.When the smoke cleared on the red surface it lay before it a dismal sight.All around lay wreckage & the dunes made it a hard surface to cross,creating a no-mans-land forr both warring factions.Red fumes still ember from the arid landscape,destiny awaits the dogged pirate who steals from this battle-weary onslaught.Back at the Soviet hq plans were underway for the Allies insidious plot to use Chrono-Legionnaires & spy's to steal & wreck the Nuke Silo,the secondary Iron Curtain was to be used,in an attempt to drive back the Allied tank raids.In the heated battle the Allies planned a Mirage attack Satellite Uplink

& AOE II HD\ Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga Strats:
-=Age of Empires Gold Guide v0.001=-

Shore Bombardment | Choke Points | Kill Zones | Economic Warfare\Chipping | Huns are the best 4 their Huskarls | Big Boomers | Rushers\Raiding Party | Paved Bombard-Tower Doom Ground Zero | Pick Island maps (/w Easy not Easiest) for better defence—wall it up\place towers every few spaces | Play as Korea for Naval domination | Picks Goths or Vikings as your ally & Persia as your enemy:Beware of Elephant + Priest + Onager hoards Steal resources to stay ahead of the game | Teutonic Knights are fun & cool plus can be formed in large groups easily | Palisade Walls are cheap for making 'em in large no.s for keeping the enemy out *+& esp. bleeding them of resources | Building Wonders to win are great for practicing your army groups & winning /w the least headache!!\Also Defend the Wonder is ideal for Advanced players to hone their skillz | Paladins plus Trebuchets are lethal versus Castles even in low numbers | Blue Lagoons are breathtaking\beautiful | Hand Cannoneers are the best unit in this game!They're second to none | I miss the cheat for Photon Man—if you had an older Alpha (not in Beta) build then it has it—extra-ordinary way to finish the game! | Naval blockade | Last-Ditch Attempt

-=Red Alert 2:Yuris Revenge Battle [Strategy] Guide v0.01=-

cnc:yrcover Magnetrons are lethal & the best part:You need them in small numbers | How to fight Yuri | How to deal /w Apocalypse Tank groups | Base Building 101 {Tesla Coils+Battle Bunkers} | Floating Disc hoarders {lose!} Rhinos squadrons
⚫ 1 'bail' of Ores has a value of 25.
1 'bail' of Minerals has a value of 50.
1 Chrono Miner can hold 20 bails at maximum.
1 War Miner can hold 40 bails at maximum.
1 Slave Worker can hold 4 bails at maximum.
Tech Oil Derricks give you small credits (20 credits) every time, and give 1000 credits for the first time you capture them
⚫ 3-4 War Factories (+25% Prod) & 2 MCV's at least. Pick a corner or the Turf War map (so that the Allies shield you —make cheap Base Defenses (Battle Bunkers) every 3 cells & a few advanced Base Defenses (Prism Tower) here & there. Make Boris ASAP, & Ore Purifier. Test out different strats with the Trainer (Groza.) Sea maps are great fun !.Use Force Shield a lot. Note: I play with Speed reduced to 4 & no Superweapons. Also Yuri faction is a nuisance at best —just wait for the robot tanks to invade ;-) Boomer\ Floating Discs are their best doom troopers. Watch out for Yuri Clone groups & everything else should be no different —Always play as Iraq - Desolators & hone your skills. Prism Towers grouped [so should you] could be unstoppable ! Remember to scout early on with a [Waypoints] tank. SEALS\ Crazy Ivans get rid of bridges where avail.
⚫ Turf War:: Iraq [Player West] (Green) Russia (Blue) Libya (Pale Blue) America (Yellow.) Speed 4, Build Off Ally CY, Short Game, MCV Repacks Orig.: Yuri (Purple) [West|Human] Korea (Pink) German (Orange) Russia (Red)
⚫ #1 Drive-by shootings with Tanks. #2 place Crazy Ivan bombs on Infantry, garrison in Flak Trak, & use them as a makeshift Demo Truck. #3 Also force-fire on Ore patches with Tanks to wipe them out. #4 Hide Tanks behind War Factories to draw out enemy fire as fodder while you attack their army. Glitch: Terror Drones don't head to over to a waypoint once repaired at the Service Depot. Ctrl+Firing a Desolator in the immediate direction increases it's range & firepower. Tank Destroyers & Tesla Tanks are useless, they make fitting AI opponents 'cause of their weaker class, easy to OverPower. Hope I've covered all the units —never underestimate Air Superiority —once I made 35 Harriers to hit the Con Yard & Repair Depots to cripple the AI during the campaign —it seemed like the only way at the time. Desperate times call for desperate actions. It takes 12 Harriers to take out a Con Yard, & the rest are fodder\ compensating for casualties.

! Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances Strats:
-=CnC: Tiberium Alliances 101 Strategy Guide v3=-

cnc:tacover Bone-chilling suspense, gripping storyline of the Cnc: TS & you live forever (Immortal Legends) are some of the things that give this game its charm & appeal —Enough rambling. I’m amused. It’s all staged for the grand finale (You can find the videos on Youtube.)
⚫ Command points are replenished every 6 minutes (10 per hour.)
⚫ Don’t waste your time with the MCV —focus on researching new units like the BlackHand.
⚫ Wait for your resources cap to amass [at 1M] & then spend the lumpsum on economy (after Base defenses.)
⚫ Try to get 10k RP min. for every 12 CP. It doesn’t matter if you get Total Defeat, as long as you rake in the RP ! Avatars are good for raiding ! Check if Forgotten actually attack in your server —waste of Base Defenses otherwise.
⚫ Use to optimize your base layout for efficiency. & Battle Simulator V2 —indispensable tool that tells you how much RP you get in advance.
⚫ Fnck continuous production —leave your comp on to receive Package bonuses —’tis the best way ‘sno joke !
⚫ You change your base name by clicking on base info there should be a button at the bottom of window
⚫ Current stats:: lvl 41 Resource Structures & lvl 42 Silos\Accu |Def tech upgr first or you'll be exposed\ vuln to attack.
⚫ Support Structures - Skystrike, Ion Canon, Falcon
⚫ To change game ID: 1) login in to origin @ 2) go through the security questions (if any) 3) change to the new name you wish to have 4) log out of origin 5) log into immediately before logging into any TA:CnC world Click here to see article
Tiberium Alliances Field Manual
⚫ Needs more info on finding good base layout from ruins...
⚫ Refinery next to PP\ and\or Tib field boosts credit production
EA Phenomic shut down
⚫ Each alliance member that obtained a satellite code can inject a virus to weaken the Forgotten Fortress, once its shield is down.

-=Red Alert Tips=-
AT instead of AP, Turret instead of Flame Tower, Parabombs on Artillery, 10 MIG, Chinook, Camo Pillbox, Fake Structures, The Mine Layer carries only 5 mines, and can be reloaded at the Service Depot. Mobile Gap Generator Don't bother with these against the CPU. (Mobile Radar Jammer) - If near the enemy's radar dome (within 15 spaces), this unit will effectively shut down the enemy's radar. Good to put near an enemy base, before attacking. Mammoth Tank Also, it can repair itself to half health for free, if given time. Only vehicles can be chronoshifted to a new destination; living matter will spontaneously combust. The Iron Curtain will change the molecular structure of a unit, making it impervious to all damage. This effect lasts for 45 seconds. Iron Curtain Charges every 11 minutes. Nuke Charges every 13 minutes. Parabomb Charges every 14 minutes. Paratrooper Charges every seven minutes. Chronoshift Charges every seven minutes. Only structures that have over 75 percent structural damage can be taken over by an engineer. If the arrows are red, the engineer can only damage the building. When it is green, it's okay to take it over. Engineers can repair friendly structures back to full health.