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[Ported from Blogspot] This blogs evolution from my now-cancelled vox.com & FreeWebTown sites, just as I realised how powerful having your own site can be, not just the blogging bit. This site is all- my megalomaniacal fantasies about Ruling the world, pro computer tips/haX0r, life in general..It helps to know that this is another fan site, /w plenty of reviews (technology, unless mentioned otherwise) & thinking eventually of transforming this into a PC game reviewing site, & also strat guides, tho I know longer own a computer,- maybe write for AOE or something iono it was possible, I was doing this on a phone, before I had a tablet, much less a computer. So the site will host my collective views, spanning from History, Philosophy, to my inane banter..tee-hee ;) This irks me- I want to write a Sci-fi short story called The Revenge of The Technobots, it's about 4 kids who embark on a high-tech adventure, which is much like Cyberpunk which is high-tech low-life. But just as I'm starting out it will be simple! Also, second of all if you don't like what you see, then please leave now. This sites under Anarchist tendency & I've been influenced by Jolly Roger X et. al. So not merely a place to let off steam!

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-[ Brief Biography ]-

Name: Alien FX Fiend
Alias: Alien FX Fiend
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Brief History: Dropped out of school, mental hostpital, jail...!
Doctrine: Nihlist
Hair colour: Brunette
Eye colour: Hazel
Marital Status: Single, Not looking
Hobbies/ Interests: Hacking, World Domination, Computer Games, Philosophy, Music
Occupation: E-commerce, Student
Personal philosophy: Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, and in the end only to meet the inescapable fate of death
Location: California
Motto: "Don't wish for it, work for it"
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-[ Contact Details ]-

E-mail Address: alien.fx_fiend@yahoo.com
Yahoo Pager ID: alien.fx_fiend / xn--vb8-xy9ds3vda / 0011111101011111100
IRC Client ID/Room: DeepComa / #mIRC Life
MSN Pager ID: deep_coma00
ICQ Number: 336994783
Myspace ID: total_annihilationx666 (http://www.myspace.com/total_annihilationx666)

    I usually play online pool on Yahoo Games and I'm usually in the Dust in The Wind or For Your Life room. Also I play the RPG multiplayer game on wtf.com, my id's rootofallevil, and my handle for the RPG is Knightmare. Also I play the RPG on planetbattleground.com and my handle is total_annihilation666. When I'm not busy researching I usually chat on books & literature:1 but thats when I'm not finding out the latest goings on on hackers' lounge:1 but I don't frequent the place like I once did. I spend a fair amount of time reading up on cyberpunk and its cultural roots.

Web Design Services: Roth13 Special requests for web design projects can be mailed to me, along with all specifics, ranging from eye candy glitzy to industrial themes

Resume Cover: view my resume for professional rendered services in all aspects of computer science, gfx design, and tech advisory.

-[ Life Recap ]-

    If you're looking for a sunshine, optimistic, philantropist, you are definitely at the wrong place. My life has been an endless struggle full of pain and suffering. Its hard to distinguish where everything went wrong or where I deviated from reality, but my life is worse than a hollywood horror. To start at the beginning, everything is a mess, my country is a hell-hole, my family despises me, I dropped out of school because I couldnt cope with the stress, I went to jail and mental hospital because of them. Thats the scratching the surface of my chaotic life, I know its not something you'd like to read, but its not something I'd like to live either. So anyway I just keep being philosophical and try to comprehend this seemingly complex universe, trying to understand if theres any meaning attached to these supposedly worthless lives, is it all just meaningless gloom? or is there an unknown obscure purpose to our cosmic accidental universal existence? I dont believe anymore because it is impobable and I know its possibly because of the traumatic events I've undergone that I've become so cynically outlooked on life but I wasn't alway like this, all I asked for was a normal life, nothing more, and is that such a great demand? I don't know what you might think of me but in reality I'm very kind-hearted although I try to act cold-blooded'- take a while and get to know me and you'll see somethings noone else realised in me. I try to be apathetic and callous, why? so that I cannot be emotionally scarred by traumatic events anymore, but nevertheless pain and suffering is always present in my life, its either a question of perseverence for some unknown reason or end it all this instant...? I have tried suicide 4 times but only when I had undergone some climactic events in my life, otherwise I'm more tolerant than most people. Theres more reasons why my life is impossible but I'll spare you the details. I could go on, but who would read...All that's left to do is is die...

-[ My Sentiments ]-

    I see many different types of peeple- some are career and profession oriented and see life as a fixed predetermined view and want to just be an ordinary person that fits in. They are afraid to step forward and take a risky plunge or a to venture where others wouldnt go. They like to have a standard and boring life if necessary and anything too difficult is considerted impossible or 'insane' an is never a task they would ever attempt even thinking about.

    Im on the other hand a philiosopher, scientist, and visionary- i know those words should never be used together but i couldnt help it- i look at life at a very different angle than others- i question reality, life and everything others take for granted. I define and defy inevitable impossible or risky. To me rules are obstacles and something that is challenging your boldness and whether you'd rather avoid them or take them on- and i never refuse a challenge! Risk is my business and I live life on the very edge and live for the moment and always focus more long-term and on future goals- I do not want to die before I feel I accomplish everything I came here to do something- life is a measure of how much successful and how much historical accomplishments you can acheive. I never use the word impossible in my voabulary and I believe in my extraordinary potential and never anything as being 'far-fetched' or 'improbable'- it cannot be impossible until you've tried it! Also I live life for the adrenaline rush and the taste of excitement, challenge and breaking the boundries of 'impossiblity' and Im never preapred to back-down on a risk or challenge and completely measure my life in accomplishements and goals acheivement and not as just wasting the Air supply anmd resources!

-[ The Future ]-

The four elements of life: Goals, Plans, Priorities, Challenges:

Get rich quick and buy a new mansion
Study/ research science
World domination?
Invent time travel,

Finish studies
Move-out from family since I lost my mansion and nothing left in here
Get an online degree if possible as its more convenient
Research advanced science such as Quantum Physics, try to invent time travel, teleportation, immortatily/ invincibility

Currently studies, studies, studies,
Avoid my family as much as possible and the outside world
Try to update my site if possible
Research philosophy, Origins of universe and life etc

Distant Future...
My ultimate goals will be to design a new generation of ultra-futuristic cars which has ambience shine, and can be converted into an amphibious air transport. Also build a private artificial island full of beautiful nature, waterfalls, plaza stone pavement, reddish trees, hill-like grasslands, and a beautiful ocean shore. Also have a huge mansion made with futursitic materials.
    Also, buy/ and later even design my own luxury cruise liner and yaught. use yacht for small rides fast, and the luxury cruise liner for more time, have a swimming pool on it and also a garden. Also design a new ultra modern and luxury NOVA JET, with all modern luxuries. This was just a childhood fantasy by the way haha.

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