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Coffee Cup Testing the center content blocks to see what the text looks like inside them. A vast pool of resources covering many engrossing topics! Plethora arcane & esoteric aspects of Computer Science et. al. Click here to visit. The cool place to be for all  your game cheat codes, strategy guides, reviews & short stories plus Whitepapers, eBooks & Tutorials. Join the most coveted team on the net w/ links to most never-before-seen content. Welcome to my all-new TFT (now terminated) sequel site w/ updated layout & info (some data was lost ! ) :{ The content here is like nothing you've seen & out-of-the-ordinary! From the unexplored areas of the mind come --the experience of new ideas & obtuse perspective [..] This Site Is Under Perpetual Construction ! [1:43 AM Fri 7/10/2016]


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RISC, CISC Virii and Malware Authoring TSR Terminate and stay Resident COM Boot Sector MBR Polymorphic Permuted Cryptography Phishing Scam Social Engineering System Programming LKM LKD K-Dev IDS, Firewall and Honeypots MS-DOS DoS POD Fragmented Attack DoS Attacks (SYN Flooding, Socket Exhaustion): tcpdump, iptables, and Rawsocket Tutorial DNS spoofing Cross-site scripting Phreaking Session Hijacking Man-in-the Middle Hacker Manifesto ARP Cache Poisoning DLL Injection IAT Patching WriteProcessMemory() CreateRemoteThread() Service (API Hooking methods) Packet Sniffing Wireless Cracking 802.11g Hardware [Stealth] Rootkits Internet Daemons Exploits Buffer Overflows Race Conditions Critical Sections Atomic Spinlocks 8 Queens Problem How Computers Work Data Compression Data Structures and Algorithms (Search, Sort, Synchro Recursion Iteration Branching, Decision Making(?) Linked Lists, Binary Trees Signal Processing [A]PIC Microprocessors Commodore 64 ARM Arduino 8086 Assembly Machine Language Java Visual Basic .NET MS Small Basic [LitDev] PERL CGI CSS NIC Driver source code Game Dev Winsock WPF Novell Netware MIPS YFunnel Pro Yahoo Ace NIC source, Minix, & Yah Mini VDAT 1.6 Bioinformatics Neural Networks Quantum Computing SIMD Parralel Processing Multi-Threaded Programming Java Bots Aggragators Matlab VHDL Verilog Overclocking E-Zines Shellcode BIOS internals Monitor RAM Spidering bot hacks (filetype:PDF,[..] Samba Outdial OOP (to hide private members) UML Module Visual C++ (MFC, ATL, STL) DDK (Driver Programming) SDK .htaccess hacking Code obfuscation Network Auditing\ Vulnerability Scanner Tools NETBIOS\nbtstat\netsh firewall\ hacking Windows 8.1 Tricks\ Man pages PROLOG Artificial Intelligence TCP/IP Wrappers (in Ruby) IPv4\ IPv6 Active X\ COM RFC Botnet Eggdrop bots William Gibson Cyberpunk Open GL Direct X Glide Shader programs Pointer Arithmetic RIP PE\ COFF ELF DHCP IP Forcer Bibliography: Mastering Visual Basic 6 by Evangelos Petroutsos Sams TYVB (24 hours) V.32 bis XERMIT-Modem (X2?) Fuzzy Logic Machine Learning AJAX UPX p-trade e-trade bruteforce dictionary attack Format String Bug GDI Acer (Worlds thinnest laptop) running on Intel m7 Processor Hrm .. Links: Milw0rm, Anti-Online, Packetstorm, Slashdot, Techcrunch, Metasploit SCADA Systems VM notebook Kali Linux MDK3 RAD (Rapid Application Development (Visual Basic)) DDE(Dynamic Data Exchange) Named Pipes Writing to port ADO, Multidimensional Arrays OpenSSH jQuery Offensive Security [...] Read More

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Testing the center content blocks to see what the text looks like inside them. Age of Empires HD Scripting Tutorial, CnC:TA Tips |Fan Site (More comn soon !), RA2 War Stories\ Battle Guide\ Game Mods, Chess\ NewAge 3 Strat guide, Sims custom user-created, Grayhat Stuffz~!, String\ M Theory, Time Travel Concepts, Proposed Roads To Freedom, Open RA, MK Chaotic (MUGEN),


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