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Coffee Cup Testing the center content blocks to see what the text looks like inside them. A vast pool of resources covering many engrossing topics! Plethora arcane & esoteric aspects of Computer Science et. al. Click here to visit. The cool place to be for all  your game cheat codes, strategy guides, reviews & short stories plus Whitepapers, eBooks & Tutorials. Join the most coveted team on the net w/ links to most never-before-seen content. Welcome to my all-new TFT (now terminated) sequel site w/ updated layout & info (some data was lost ! ) :{ The content here is like nothing you've seen & out-of-the-ordinary! From the unexplored areas of the mind come --the experience of new ideas & obtuse perspective [..] This Site Is Under Perpetual Construction ! [1:43 AM Fri 7/10/2016]


Welcome to my new site Knightmare's personal homepage. Its a personal site dedicated to radical teens and high-octane lifestyles and speculative philosophy. You wont find comprehensive technical articles, since this site is mainly personal just to express my opinions and thoughts on a variety of topics and also a repository for a vast amount of esoterica research I'm conducting. I myself am a philosopher, therefore if you love philosophy then feel free to send your comments and opinions on this site and also you will get quite a bit of info on some of my personal favorite subjects including philosophy, hacking and life in general, and other universal stuff. If you want an insight on my life, then you could read my 'Diary', which is all my sentiments on living. From the unexplored areas of the human brain comes.. the experience of new ideas and obtuse perspective. This is just the beginning of my site and I have a lot of future ambitions for it, so don't be surprised with the little content! Click the links to navigate the site.

Expect it to be fully launched by the end of February. Till then please bookmark this site and return to witness the fascinating content available!

Last Updated: Friday, October 23rd 2009, 9:50 PM
Version 1.4 beta

Quote of the Moment: "Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel"

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Welcome to Knightmare Homepage!
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Testing the center content blocks to see what the text looks like inside them. Age of Empires HD Scripting Tutorial, CnC:TA Tips |Fan Site (More comn soon !), RA2 War Stories\ Battle Guide\ Game Mods, Chess\ NewAge 3 Strat guide, Sims custom user-created, Grayhat Stuffz~!, String\ M Theory, Time Travel Concepts, Proposed Roads To Freedom, Open RA, MK Chaotic (MUGEN),


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